Query : To extract Unposted Journals in the Set Of Book

glsob.name "gl book",
gljb.name "batch name" ,
gljh.name "journal name",
gljh.period_name ,
decode (gljh.status ,'u','unposted',gljh.status) status,
gljh.je_category category ,
gljh.je_source source ,
gljh.currency_code currency ,
gljh.running_total_dr "entered amount dr" ,
gljh.running_total_accounted_dr "accounted amount dr" ,
gljh.running_total_cr "entered amount cr",
gljh.running_total_accounted_cr "accounted amount cr"
gl_je_headers gljh,
gl_je_batches gljb ,
gl_sets_of_books glsob
gljb.je_batch_id = gljh.je_batch_id and
gljh.set_of_books_id = glsob.set_of_books_id and
gljh.status <> 'P'
order by glsob.name, gljh.period_name

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